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Bastrop, TX Premier Bath Renovations

For years, our company has provided property owners in the metropolitan area with the very best bathroom remodeling Austin, TX has to offer. We have been able to build a strong reputation through the quality of our work and overall customer service. When you trust us to complete your bathroom remodeling Austin projects, you will know that you are dealing with seasoned professionals who can turn your renovation dreams into reality.

No matter how extensive the scope of your project may be, our managers will complete it in the most reasonable time possible. Should you have questions about our company or the services we offer, please feel free to get in touch with our office today. Since bathroom renovations are often planned along with kitchen remodeling projects, we can take care of both at the same time. In fact, if you are in need of an entire home or workplace makeover, we would be happy to assist. To learn more about the very best in kitchen and bath remodeling Austin, contact us now.

Austin's Premier Bath Renovations
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Why Choose Us?

The answer is simple. Our experienced professionals truly love their work; they enjoy seeing clients who are thoroughly delighted with their remodeled bathrooms. If you are working with an interior designer or architect, we will be glad to collaborate and provide our contracting expertise. No matter how simple or complex your remodeling project turns out to be, we will take pride in completing according to your specifications.

Something else that we take pride in is knowing that many of our clients decide to call us again when they have other projects in mind. As previously mentioned, we also work on kitchen renovation projects, which happen to be as popular as bathroom remodeling jobs. If you have other ideas to make your property look great, we would like to hear them.


We take pride in completing every job on time and on budget


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Our Top of The Line Home Renovation Services

Many factors will come into play when you plan to remodel your restrooms. Some property owners simply want to upgrade the plumbing, hardware fixtures, flooring, and furniture pieces such as vanities and counters. While you can always achieve a fresh new look just by updating the materials, there are many other ways you can approach the project.

Among the various services we offer, the free consultation is often the most important because this is when we get to sit down with clients and discuss their unique visions. In some cases, clients come to us in search of bathroom remodel ideas Austin, and we are more than happy to show our portfolio of completed projects so that we know what to expect. In other cases, we can start from scratch using 3-D bathroom design software in order to get a photo-realistic approximation of what the renovation will look like when done.

We typically start off with a review of the existing layout and take things from there; this will give us a good idea about the scope of the project. There needs to be a focal point within the bathroom or guest restroom, and you do not want it to be the toilet. If a bathroom is designed in such a way that the toilet is the first thing you see when the door opens, a relocation is often recommended.

Not every project will require a complete replacement of existing items or materials. If the flooring material is old linoleum or damaged tiles, they can be replaced with ceramic, natural stone, or laminate pieces; however, marble or limestone tiles on the walls can be resurfaced instead of replaced in some cases. The same goes for natural stone counters. We can work around anything that can be kept because of aesthetic value; examples we have seen in the past include vintage standing bathtubs with ornate detailing that can be rehabilitated instead of being replaced.

Some of our speciality services include but are not limited to:


Are you looking for ambiance, mood, decoration, or clarity? This is an aspect of bathroom remodeling that cannot be ignored. Keep in mind that modern LED lighting systems offer many options in terms of colors and adjustable luminosity.

Stone shower stalls

This is the mark of luxury in a bathroom improvement project. If you want to keep maintenance down to a minimum, you may want to consider engineered stone, which is sometimes referred to as "quartz," which will never need to be resealed and will resist staining as well as etching.

Vanities and countertops

These are often the focal points of the bathroom. If you have a prefabricated vanity in mind, we can see how it blends in with the rest of the bathroom, but you always have the option of custom cabinetry with decorative countertops made of marble or granite. Good lighting around the vanity mirror is always essential for shaving or applying makeup; furthermore, you can always upgrade to vanities with dual sinks in order to boost the value of your property

Stone shower stalls

This is the mark of luxury in a bathroom improvement project. If you want to keep maintenance down to a minimum, you may want to consider engineered stone, which is sometimes referred to as "quartz," which will never need to be resealed and will resist staining as well as etching.


If we are already taking care of your kitchen remodeling project, we can create a sense of uniformity that extends to the bathrooms. Let's say your kitchen features Carrara marble tiles and countertops; we can always install the same materials in the bathrooms, and the cabinetry style can either be the same or provide a nice contrast.

Tub to shower conversions

We get many clients who feel that their combination bathtub/shower stall should be upgraded to a large spa/shower stall complete with glass doors. This can be done in many cases and serves as a nice upgrade to any bathroom. Use marble or engineered stone for the ultimate look.

Small details can make a big difference

We think of everything when we work on your bathroom remodeling project. If the master bathroom connects to a master suite that has hardwood flooring, for example, we can provide a suitable transition by means of a stone threshold or door saddle; this will not only keep the wood planks from getting wet but will also enhance the overall appearance of the project. If the door scheme in your house is too repetitive, we may be able to install more decorative doors for your bathrooms, thus making a strong design statement.

Budget-conscious remodeling

If you just want to refresh the look of your bathrooms, you do not have to go all out. We work with clients at all budget levels, and some of them only wish to focus on some renovation aspects. You would be surprised at how much your bathrooms can be improved by simply replacing some materials or making some adjustments.

Bathroom Remodeling in Bastrop, TX

Looking for bathroom remodeling ideas for your Austin, TX home? As experienced professionals in home remodeling design and full home renovations field, we can tell you with great confidence that you will never go wrong with bathroom improvement projects. Homeowners always want their bathrooms to look great because these are the kind of spaces that make statements about their properties; business owners, on the other hand, always want to make lasting impressions on their customers, guests, and employees.

With the right bathroom remodeling Austin project, you can increase the value of your property or improve the overall experience for clients and employees at your workplace. Whether you are thinking about renovating the bathrooms at your home or the restrooms at your place of business, we can provide you with quality work and full service options at very reasonable prices.

Bathroom Remodeling Austin, TX
Kitchen Remodeling Austin, TX

Kitchen Remodeling in Bastrop, TX

In addition to bathroom renovation projects, we can also take pride in our top of the line remodeling or complete redesigning of your kitchen. Whether you need to refresh your cabinets or would like to upgrade to a gourmet cook’s area complete with center island, breakfast bar, natural stone counters, pantry, and even wine cabinet, please let us know what you have in mind. We can give you ideas ranging from a budget-friendly renovation to a complete makeover.

Did you know that most home buyers will pay more for carefully sought out up-grades such as appliances, lighting, fixtures and flooring. According to Remodeling Magazine, “The home improvement likely to bring in the greatest return at resale was a minor (roughly $15,000) kitchen remodel, which could return 92.9 percent. “

General Home Remodeling in Bastrop, TX

When it comes to remodeling, you do not need to stop at your kitchen and bathrooms. Our experienced renovation experts can help you complete projects ranging from transforming a den into a home theater to setting up a covered lanai complete with summer kitchen appliances and accessories.

You do not need to look to build a custom home if you already own a property, a full remodeling project can make your existing home look like a brand-new place. Sunroom additions, covered patios, walk-in closets, room additions, garage conversions, office space creation, you name it our skilled pros have you covered with their high quality craftsmanship.

General Home Remodeling Austin, TX
Outdoor Living Spaces Austin, TX

Outdoor Living Spaces in Bastrop, TX

Texans tend to spend a decent amount of their time outdoors. Would you love an extended new covered patio or luxury outdoor living space that allowed for additional entertainment space? What better way to compliment the current value of your home than with a fabulous outdoor kitchen and patio addition or extension. Add a built-in fire pit, maybe a pergola to offer shade and cover and you’re ready to start enjoying your new addition.

Imagine sitting outside gathered around with family and friends enjoying the new ambiance and stress relief from being with nature and the fresh air  outside. Contact us now for more information.

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